I look so feminine it’s just a dream. It’s priceless.

I love my new nose it is literally what I’ve always dreamed for. I am so lucky I found out about your practice online a few years ago and kept up with your work, and that you decided to become a specialist in alarplasty because if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had someone to go to!!!

I always had a big nose growing up, I was aware of it, had a few comments made to me. I did rhinoplasty years ago with another doctor which helped but I thought I’d just never have a “normal” or cute nose and I would just have to accept what Mother Nature gave me.

Now not having it take over my face and I look so feminine it’s just a dream. It’s priceless. And you worked with my nose being deviated and a bit crooked, like a masterpiece. I usually cover my face in makeup to try to minimize my nose now tonight this is without anything obviously bc (no makeup for two weeks!) other than lipstick. If you look at the “before” from when I emailed you, you would never believe it. I just wanted to say thank you again. I will highly recommend you to everyone who notices my change!!

Colleen C