Phyllis M

Tomorrow marks a year that I came to you on an emergency basis. My 7-year-old son, Ben, was hit in the left temple by an SUV door. Fortunately for us, my contacts at Somerset Medical Center led me to you. I will always remember your prompt response upon learning of the emergency. You told us to come in immediately. I remember relaxing for the first time that day when I met you. Your courteous, calming, take charge manner helped me in an extremely upsetting day. I can tell you now that when I look at Ben I do not see any telltale indication of that day. You would have to look very close. Thanks to your handiwork, when Ben looks in the mirror he is not reminded of that terrible day. His physical scars have healed. Emotionally, I know they are still there. One day I told him to be careful before his Little League baseball game. I cautioned him against getting hit with a ball. He reminded me that a ball was nothing because he had already been hit by a car door! I will always be so thankful to you.

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Hi! Hope your new practice is going well. You are missed at PMC. I thought you like to know my face since the dermabrasion is great. I met an old friend and she couldn’t believe how good my skin looks. Thanks for everything! (more…)

Lisa G.

Lisa G.

The Best experience I have had with a cosmetic surgeon. (more…)

Dr. Janjua is a talented artist and surgeon. We spoke at length about what I wanted my face to look like after the surgery (this is a huge decision after all), and he brought up points that I never thought of on my own. (more…)