What Is A Headache?

A headache is one of the most common ailments that mankind suffers from. There are many different reasons for headaches, and sometimes we cannot find an answer. One of the most unusual kinds of headaches is called contact point headache. It happens when a portion of the nasal septum becomes crooked and starts pushing against the sidewalls of the nose.

Cat Scan - Headache JanjuaThe pain can be aggravated during times of weather change, seasonal allergies or sinus infections as everything becomes very swollen. Most patients go undiagnosed through many years if not a whole life time. The only way to get diagnosis is by seeing an otolaryngologist and undergoing an endoscopy that reveals the portion of the septum pushing against the sidewalls. A CAT scan can also show this as seen in the picture attached.


Once this has been established, patients are asked to use Afrin nasal spray at the onset of a headache. That shrinks everything and the headache stops. This helps further bolster the belief that the contact point between the crooked septum and the sidewalls is the main source of the headache. After this has been established, removing the crooked portion called septoplasty and reducing the turbinate glands on the sidewalls, can relieve the headache or at least reduce it. To learn more about it please click on the video below

Dr. Tanveer A. Janjua