Lip augmentation has been popular for centuries. Many different materials have been tried over decades to achieve a good solution. The quest for an ideal material has led to innovations like collagen and hyaluronic acid. The need for a long lasting filler led to the use of Silicone injections in the lips.

Patients were happy to know that it is a permanent solution as the body cannot absorb Silicone over time. However, the problem is the aging process. Silicone does not age but the lips do.

If you had Silicone done in your lips and are considering lip reduction then please watch the movie below.

Lips are always moving during talking, expressions, eating and drinking. The continuous movement and the loss of collagen and soft tissue over time can distort the appearance of the lips. The lips can develop excessive loose mucosa that can lead to a ballooned appearance or similar to an empty sausage with multiple bulges. This can take years to happen. Unfortunately silicone cannot be completely removed from the lips even with surgery.  Silicone particles get incorporated into the muscles, minor salivary glands and subcutaneous tissues of the lip.

The lip can be surgically reduced to improve the appearance of the lip but it can never go back to its original shape and size. The soft texture and feel of the lip cannot be brought back with any method surgical or otherwise. The surgery also carries the risk of permanent numbness in the lips. Given the irreversible nature of Silicone and the availability of other reversible or temporary fillers, it is probably best to avoid using Silicone injections in the lips.