When is pretty good, pretty enough!

Aesthetic enhancement of our face and body has entered a new era.  These are the times of extreme make overs, implants, facelifts, multiple cosmetic surgeries, bigger breasts and smaller thighs, bigger butts and smaller noses. So, where does this all end?/thermiva

Our sense of self is an important part of who we are. It is built upon two aspects, physical and psychological. The two have to be in congruence for achieving the end result, happiness. The physical traits can be improved upon with help of clothing (fashion), hair styles, make up, and lastly cosmetic enhancement which can be invasive such as surgery or noninvasive such as Botox and Fillers. I will focus my comments mostly on surgical enhancements.

The surgical enhancement of face and body is getting better but it is important for the patient and the surgeon to understand the limits placed upon this science and art by nature. You can push the envelope to a certain degree but then nature can snap back in form of poor healing, suboptimal aesthetic result or rare cases death of a patient. The problem occurs when two different observers i.e., the patient and the doctor have to figure out ‘Is it Pretty Enough!’

This is the hardest question to answer and sometimes the patient and the doctor cannot come to an agreement. Since there are no hard and fast rules on this issue, the dictum to follow is, ‘Pretty good is pretty enough’.