From England to Bedminster: An Alarplasty Story

Recently, I had someone come from England for Alarplasty. I asked him the question, “What made you come from England to Bedminster, New Jersey?”

Here is the response.

What made you come from England to Bedminster, New Jersey?

A few years ago I underwent a Rhinoplasty procedure with a surgeon in the UK and although surgery was mostly successful I had requested for surgeon to leave out the Alarplasty. He was honest enough to advise me that Alarplasty was not his area of expertise and that I should either learn to accept the appearance of my nostrils or find a qualified, experienced surgeon. Unlike many other procedures, Alarplasty is less if not completely irreversible.

I spent a long time researching for a surgeon and knew that if it meant that I’d be in the hands of a more experienced, better suited surgeon abroad then I should really make that commitment of traveling overseas.  After all, it is your own face and a life-long change, so why not make sure that you have it in the best hands.

After countless consultations around the world, I found many surgeons that had before/after photos of patients that had underwent Rhinoplasty combined with a form of Alarplasty. The only surgeon I found that gave particular attention to the Alarplasty procedure as a separate but important procedure was Dr Janjua. It was also extremely beneficial for me to see the full procedure uploaded onto Dr. Janjua’s Youtube channel, so that I was prepared for what to expect and comfortable with the level of detail that would be given.

Dr. Janjua was readily available over Skype and was able to put me at ease. He answered each question clearly and honestly and was also able to accommodate a second consultation for a few other questions I had thought of.

Upon arrival, the Doctor and his team immediately put me at ease, and answered any last questions I had. The procedure was almost pain-free and recovery is also going well. I’ve been following Dr. J’s aftercare video on YouTube which has again helped here.

Thanks to Dr. Janjua and his team, I have no regrets. I can honestly say traveling 4,000 miles was more than worth it. In fact, I can now safely say I’d travel double that if it meant being in the hands of someone like Dr Janjua.

(Below are photos post surgery)

From England to Bedminster: An Alarplasty StoryFrom England to Bedminster: An Alarplasty StoryFrom England to Bedminster: An Alarplasty Story